How to Pick an Exquisite Phone Case

I love my phone, and I take it everywhere with me. In fact, it’s one of the only items that I can actually guarantee that I carry all the time. What can protect my phone from accidents? Times like these where the phone case comes to the rescue. However, with so many phone case options in the market these days, it’s hard to know which one is best for you. This post will work as a guide to help you find the perfect phone case that suits your phone and lifestyle.

Before we get into the topic of how to pick the perfect phone case let us understand why we need a case for the phone in the first place. 

Why does your phone need a good phone case?

We require a phone case because of the following reasons: 

1. To safeguard against accidents 

No matter how careful you are, accidents are sure to happen. At the same time, there are chances that a casual handle might lead to irreversible damage to your phone. 

2. To save avoidable expenses 

What is the alternative in case of a phone mishap? Well, there are two options. The first one would be to replace your mobile and the second would be to repair it. In both cases you have to spend loads of money. Let us imagine that you just need a screen change. Even in that case it will cost you a very high price. Now imagine your cost if you own an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Z series. Thus, In order to avoid these extra unwanted expenses you should go for a protective phone cover.

3. To make it more heavy 

Phone models today have become very light. This makes them very fragile and even if there is no accident but just a small thud on the desk it might bend. Moreover, there are chances that it will affect any of its important spare parts. A good phone case adds to that extra bulk that will protect your phone.  

4. Better than mobile insurance

Mobile insurance nowadays is too costly. Mobile phone companies give no to very less warranty  if there is physical damage. In that case, your best bet can be a good mobile case.

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5. Why go for a phone case and not phone cover?

The catch is in the word itself. A phone cover as the name suggests covers your phone as a piece of cloth would to your body. It does not protect the screen for example from damage. On the other hand, a phone case works as a helmet to head. It protects the entire phone from any damage. If your phone falls and the screen cracks your phone will still work normally. In contrast, just imagine what if it falls in water and your phone’s internal parts get damaged. Will it work normally in that case? Definitely not. Hence for the phone’s protection one must go for a phone case instead of phone cover.

Let us now understand why it is so difficult to find the right phone case. 

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Why can phone case choices be tricky? 

Choosing a phone case seems to be a very easy job. However, It is a difficult one. In fact, it is like finding a needle in a pile of hay. I say that because there are tons of design, materials and types available in the market. This huge list makes it difficult to choose the right case for you. 

Aspects to keep in mind while you buy a phone case

To pick up a perfect case one must consider certain points like the following: 

1. Suits your preference 

You should choose a phone case that goes with your style. It should be able to reflect your personality. 

2. Good fit for the phone

The phone case design should go well with the phone and fit in the phone well. 

3. Color of the phone case 

The color should suit you, your phone and your taste. You can go for painted, matte finish or solid colors as per your liking. Conversely, you can even go for transparent ones if you want to show off your phone’s pretty design. 

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4. Comfort in handling

You must examine the cases to see whether you are comfortable in handling it or not. No matter what type of case you choose, the litmus test would be whether it protects your phone and is easy for you to handle.

5. Phone accessibility 

Another important aspect in a phone case is that it should not hinder the use of your phone. The side keys and the touch of the phone should be easily accessible.

6. Phone case material

It is very important to have good material. Nowadays the cases are available in different materials other than plastic. There are various choices available like hard plastic ones or silicon,wooden,leather or even aluminum.

7. Lifespan of the phone case 

Everything has its own shelf life and phone cases are no different. The material and design plays an important part in determining the lifespan of the phone case. So if you want something that lasts for a longer time frame than the choice of material should be according to it. 

The above points were important ones that will help you to pick the perfect phone case. Do let us know how you found the blog and give your valuable feedback.