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Perfumes for Men & Women

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Original price was: ₹549.00.Current price is: ₹149.00. inclusive of all taxes
Original price was: ₹549.00.Current price is: ₹149.00. inclusive of all taxes
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Original price was: ₹549.00.Current price is: ₹149.00. inclusive of all taxes
Original price was: ₹1,349.00.Current price is: ₹249.00. inclusive of all taxes
Original price was: ₹949.00.Current price is: ₹199.00. inclusive of all taxes
Original price was: ₹549.00.Current price is: ₹149.00. inclusive of all taxes
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Original price was: ₹549.00.Current price is: ₹149.00. inclusive of all taxes
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What is perfume?

The term ‘perfume’ comes from the Latin word ‘perfumare’, which means smoking through. Perfumery is a way to formulate perfumes that started in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. However, the Muslims and Romans refined the process over time.  A perfume is an aromatic liquid that contains a blend of aroma compounds, fixatives, essential oils, and some other ingredients. When applied to your body or any object, it lets you feel a pleasant scent. Most commonly, people apply the perfumes to their hair, garments, skin, and any other surfaces. Using perfume is a part of the personal grooming routine. Perfume manufacturers use essentials obtained from woods, blossoms, and fruits. Fragrant compounds in the oils help in the formulation of perfumes. Fixatives and fragrances make the scent last longer.

Buy Best Perfumes for Men & Women online

Choosing the right perfume depends on your personal preferences and other factors. However, the best fragrance perfume for men or women has some common qualities. Sillage- The term ’sillage’ indicates the aura or trail that is left behind by a perfume. A high-quality perfume must produce a scent in a pleasing and balanced way. So, its presence is highly noticeable instead of being overpowering.  Longevity- The longevity of your perfume is determined by the fragrance’s strength. So, a stronger perfume means a longer-lasting fragrance on your skin. The product contains fragrance oils in high concentrations. Thus, quality perfumes have long-lasting scents, and there is no need to reapply for hours. A skin-friendly fragrance- You can look for the best perfume, which is not harmful to your skin. Low-quality perfumes are allergic to your skin. It is safe to purchase dermatologist-recommended perfumes that contain the safe formula. Versatility- Versatility is another characteristic of premium-quality perfume. You can use it on different occasions. Whether you want to attend your daytime office event or an informal evening party, you apply the same perfume.  The best luxury perfumes for women and men have a well-balanced formula that has a blend of varied notes. Manufacturers have used the ingredients thoughtfully to ensure a proper depth and uniqueness to your perfume. 

Types of Perfumes

Perfumes can be categorized in different ways. Based on scents, perfumes are found in various types- Woody- Woody scents make you feel as if you are in an outdoor space. If you prefer the wet asphalt smell, the perfumes with woody fragrance are the right choice. When you engage in camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, you may use woody perfumes. Citrus- Some perfumes have crisp citrus scents obtained from fragrances like grapefruit and lemon. There are perfumes combining spicy and citrus notes.  Floral- Feel more romantic with floral fragrances, which have notes of marjoram, rose, and other blossoms.  Spicy- Spicy or oriental fragrances are warm and sultry. Cardamom, mints, and other spices are the sources of aroma in your perfume. Green- A green scent means you will get the aroma of grass. However, if the perfume is exposed to air and sunlight, there may be a transformation to the fragrance. Depending on the concentration types, fragrances are of different types- Eau de toilette- The perfume oil concentration in EDT is between 5 and 15%. Most commonly, base notes are obtained from citrus fruits. The best perfume for men. Eau de cologne- EDC with 2-4% perfume oil concentration lasts for 2 hours. It is more cost-effective, and citrus notes are highly common in it.  Eau Fraiche- The fragrant oil concentration in the product ranges from 1-3%. During your regular workout sessions, you may use this perfume. Eau de Parfum- The perfume's strength is very high and lasts for up to 6 hours. The best fragrances are orange and jasmine. So, you can now decide on the perfume for your everyday needs.

What Should Everyone Know About Perfume?

Before buying perfumes, you must know some important facts- Moisturizing your skin will give you a better result- Well-hydrated skin will help you trap fragrances. Perfumes applied on your moisturized skin will last longer. You may use an unscented moisturizer and then apply your preferred scent. Apply your fragrances to the right place- Focus on your pulse points while applying perfumes. These pulse points refer to the places where your skin is very close to the blood vessels. The fragrant molecules will be vaporized due to your body’s heat. Some common pulse points are your neck and wrists. However, you may also spray your perfume on the rear part of your ears. Storage of perfumes- Sunrays, humidity, and temperature fluctuations may affect your perfume. Thus, to have the best long-lasting perfumes for men, you should store the bottle at a dark site. A perfume is a mood booster- Perfume is a stimulant that makes you feel good and increases your confidence. Some people say that citrus notes make you feel refreshed and energized. Your perfume may smell different on your skin- The PH value of every user’s skin is not the same. You might have smelt the perfume after opening the bottle. But, when you apply it to your skin, you may find a diverse scent. Some perfumes are vegan- Many perfumes have ingredients obtained from animals. So, you must double-check the content before buying the product. There are vegan perfumes in the market. But you may not find any particular signage on the perfume packaging. Some manufacturers do not test the perfumes on animals. But perfumes containing natural beeswax may not be suitable for vegans. Some are unisex perfumes- Indeed, sweet scents from flowers are good for women. On the contrary, men like to use perfumes with woody scents. As a user, you have to decide how you want to experience the perfume. If you are confused, you may buy unisex perfumes available at

How to Select the Right Perfume for You?

A few tips will allow you to pick the right perfume for women and men-

Understand your body chemistry

Understanding your body chemistry enables you to select the best perfume. A wrong perfume may cause discomfort and skin irritation. Identify the fragrance family (such as, woody, floral, and oriental) related to the perfume. Each fragrance family has unique characteristics. Almost every perfume manufacturer mentions it in the product description. So, when you buy the product online, you should check it thoroughly.

Try to mix fragrances

When you purchase perfumes online, you may mix fragrances. Some smells are weak, while others are very strong. Your favourite perfume may be very costly for your everyday use. That is why you can mix it with another fragrance. The blend of different perfumes will lead to the creation of a new fragrance.

Consider the season for buying cool or warm fragrances

The inherent characteristics of the fragrances help you determine if they are cool or warm. The vanilla, musk, and scented sandalwood are known for their warm fragrances. On the contrary, if the fragrance reminds you of grasses or blossoms, it is the cool one.

Focus on the occasion before buying the fragrance

Do you like to use the perfume daily? Is it just for seasonal needs? If you like to use the perfume on summer days, you must avoid choosing musky and floral scents. The best options for you are refreshing fragrances coming from fruity and citrusy notes. However, if you want to purchase perfume to attend a party or use it on a special occasion, choose a longer-lasting scent. Perfumes with citrus notes are perfect for your daily needs. If your body has an odour from sweat, the citrus scents will mask it.

Differentiate perfumes from cologne

While buying scents, you may find the terms ‘cologne’ and ‘perfume’. The major difference between them is in the fragrance oil concentration. The concentration of the aromatic oil in perfume is higher, whereas colognes have a lighter oil concentration. Eau De toilette or cologne with around 3% fragrant oil. But, in case of perfume, it is more than 15%. That is why perfumes are costlier than colognes.

Best Perfumes for Men

We have listed the most popular perfumes at Eco Men Perfume – Men who prefer herbal and citrus notes can buy this product. The base notes come from musk and wood. Sustainable packaging and eco-friendly formula are some distinct characteristics of the perfume. Eco Men & White Oud Perfume- If you use perfumes regularly, you can invest in a combo set. It has a fusion of different notes that give you the best sensation. The harmonious duo gives you a lasting fragrance. A single captivating set has both sustainability and elegance.  Impact Men Perfume- Most men like the bold top notes obtained from spices and citrus fruits. This perfume at Zapvi is a perfect choice for these guys. The compact 20ml perfume bottle can deliver a significant value. Spray a little amount of perfume and feel its effect for hours. 

Best Perfumes for Women has an exclusive collection of the best affordable perfumes for women. Glam Women Perfume- Glam Women Perfume has a long-lasting formula that produces warm and sensual undertones. Delicate floral and fresh citrus notes have captivated many women. You may also try out this perfume for your daily use. Rose Women Perfume- This perfume has velvety floral notes with warm base notes. Blooming roses have a sweet scent that can charm everyone. If you are looking for a scented gift for any rose enthusiast, you can choose this product. Fresh Unisex Perfume- The perfume is formulated not just for women but for men as well. A combination of aquatic and floral notes will give you a fresh sensation. Zapvi has several other products to meet your needs, and you can make the best deal.

Buy the Best Perfumes Online at has made it easy to purchase premium-quality perfumes for your everyday use. It has a large collection of branded perfumes for both men and women. You can even find unisex perfumes, which are suitable for both men and women. Moreover, Zapvi perfumes are available with diverse fragrances and notes. The concentration level of fragrant compounds is very high. Besides, the skin-friendly formula of the perfumes ensures that the products are safe for your use. Whether you need a sweet floral fragrance or a woody scent, Zapvi has an excellent product collection. 

Can Perfumes Be Used for Kids?

Most perfumes have essential oils (synthetic or natural) and denatured ethyl alcohol. Glycerin and phthalates are also added to the composition to preserve the content. Children’s perfumes have a small amount of alcohol. But alcohol-free versions are also available for kids. Nevertheless, other ingredients (such as glycerine and essential oils) may cause allergies to some users. So, you have to determine if your little ones have an allergy to ingredients used for the perfumes. There is no particular age, when you can start using perfumes. When teens (of 12 to 13 years) enter puberty, their bodies begin to produce body odour. So, they like to use fragrant products to mask the bad odour. But, sensitivity to fragrances may cause discomfort to users of any age.  The best trick is to avoid overuse of the perfume and apply it responsibly. You should instruct your kids that perfumes are formulated only for external use. Ingestion of the perfume or direct contact with the content with your eyes will be harmful to your kids and pets. It is safe to keep the perfume bottles away from your little ones.

Why Should You Choose Zapvi to Buy Perfumes for Men & Women?

Zapvi is one of the trusted destinations where you can easily buy top perfumes for women and men. Zapvi has provided a detailed description of the fragrances available at the online store. There are combo sets with diverse aromas. These combo packages are the best options as gifts for your dear ones. The price of the smallest perfume package starts from Rs 149. has also a set of different perfumes at only Rs 499. Affordability does not mean a compromise over the quality of the scents. You will get the best quality scents at the most reasonable price.