Does the iPhone 15 case fit the iPhone 14 case?

Does the iPhone 15 case fit the iPhone 14 case?

If you’re thinking about upgrading to the latest iPhone, chances are you’ll need a new case to go along with it. We always hold out hope that our old cases will still work, but with each new release, it’s a bit of a gamble.

The iPhone 15 lineup may look similar to last year’s models at first glance, but there are subtle differences to note. One noticeable change is the “contour” edges on all four iPhone 15 models. These edges are curvier compared to the iPhone 14, affecting how snugly cases fit onto the phone.

However, the most significant design change is specific to the Pro models. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max feature a new action button, replacing the traditional mute switch. This means that most cases designed for older Pro models won’t fit the new ones properly.

Does the iPhone 15 case fit the iPhone 14 case?

While the iPhone 14 and 15 have nearly identical widths and depths at 2.82 inches and 0.31 inches, respectively, there’s a slight difference in height. The iPhone 15 is just 0.03 inches (1.1 mm) taller than its predecessor. While this might seem minor, it does affect how cases fit due to the new contoured body.

We’ve tested fitting an iPhone 14 silicone case onto the iPhone 15, and it does fit snugly, albeit with less of a secure “snap” compared to a proper iPhone 15 case. It’s a workaround that can suffice temporarily, but for optimal fit and protection, it’s advisable to get a case specifically designed for the iPhone 15.

This slight difference in height, equivalent to the width of a credit card, creates a bit of extra play in the fit, adding to the challenges posed by the new contoured body. So, while the iPhone 14 case can do the job in a pinch, investing in a proper iPhone 15 case is the best way to ensure a perfect fit and maximum protection for your device.

Is it possible for an iPhone 14 Plus case to fit an iPhone 15 Plus?

When it comes to the dimensional variances between the iPhone 14 Plus and 15 Plus, they’re extremely minor, typically just half a millimeter difference at most. While the contoured edges remain a concern, it’s definitely worth experimenting with.

We’ve attempted to fit Apple’s silicone case for the iPhone 14 Plus onto the iPhone 15 Plus, and the results were quite promising. While it’s not a perfect match due to the contoured edges, it still offers a reasonable fit and protection. Instead of purchasing a new iPhone 15 Plus case, utilizing an existing iPhone 14 Plus case could be a viable option.

Although it’s recommended to try out the case beforehand or check compatibility, repurposing your old case could save you money and still provide adequate protection for your iPhone 15 Plus. So, while there might be slight differences to contend with, reusing your previous case could be a practical solution.

Is it possible for an iPhone 14 Pro case to suit a 15 Pro?

When it comes to comparing the dimensions of the iPhone 15 Pro and its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro, there are minor differences. However, the key reason to avoid using an old case is the interference it poses with the new Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro, which replaces the traditional silence switch.

We’ve tested fitting Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Silicone Case onto the iPhone 15 Pro, and while it does fit, it’s noticeably looser compared to other models. The main issue arises from the cutout for the new Action Button, which is partially blocked by the older case.

While it’s possible to make the old case work with the iPhone 15 Pro, it’s not the most ideal solution due to the compromised functionality of the new Action Button. Opting for a case specifically designed for the iPhone 15 Pro ensures proper fit and functionality, providing optimal protection for your device.

Considering the slight differences in dimensions and the significant change in button placement, investing in a new iPhone 15 Pro case is recommended to fully utilize the features of your device while keeping it safe and secure.

Can an iPhone 15 Pro Max case be used with an iPhone 14 Pro Max case?

When comparing the dimensions of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 15 Pro Max, they’re quite similar, but the newer model’s smoother and more contoured edges make old cases fit less snugly. The major difference lies in the new Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which becomes partially blocked if an old case is used.

We’ve tested Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max Silicone Case on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and it’s similar to fitting a Pro 14 case on a Pro 15—slightly loose, and the new button can be awkward to use, but not impossible.

Luckily, there’s already a wide selection of iPhone 15 cases available. Notably, Moment’s iPhone 15 cases are compatible with their external lenses, while Peak Design’s “Everyday Case” seamlessly integrates with their range of accessories.

These new cases ensure a perfect fit for your iPhone 15 Pro Max while offering compatibility with additional accessories, providing both style and functionality for your device.