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Photo Mug Printing

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A good start to the day is quite an essential desire in a hustling world like ours. We often begin our day with a hot steamy cup of coffee or tea. Mornings are when we spend quality time with ourselves. It is self-care and self-pampering time when we collect all the positive energy around. A fine idea to kick-start your morning is by owning a personalized photo mug. Printed mugs allow you to have a picture of your choice to be finely printed on them. You can select any image of your preference and have a personalized photo mug made for your day-to-day use. There are high-quality mug printing techniques used these days that cater to rich quality products. Along with various mug printing designs, you can add a special message along with colored photo printing. Zapvi is a one-stop destination for innovative mug printing designs and patterns. You can include your photo and turn it into quality mug printing at Zapvi within a pocket-friendly price tag. They combine excellent mug printing designs with colored photo printing technology to create masterpieces for several occasions. What is best at Zapvi, is the quality. Therefore, if you are looking forward to ordering a personalized photo mug, do check out Zapvi. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or simply a self-gift, Zapvi is a one-stop destination for all your personalized photo mug desires.

Best Cup Printing with Photo Design Online Shopping

Enjoying your refreshing beverage in a personalized photo cup always reminds you of your best memories. You can order a photo cup online to keep your special photo closer to you all the time. To add a meaningful quote to it or to club a unique cup printing design with it are the bonuses that come along. Several online shopping platforms offer printed mugs with a variety of mug printing templates and designs. You get an opportunity to choose the desired template and customize your cup printing design. Not just that, there are numerous templates associated with special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's, mothers' day, friendships day, etc., to pick from. A photo cup is a sure-shot present that is bound to bring a smile to the face of your loved one. Printed mugs can come out pretty if they are designed with perfection. While shopping online, you get to refer to several already customised designs of printed mugs. Having various choices makes your task easy. Zapvi is an online platform ideal for ordering printed mugs if perfection is what you seek. So, why wait? Go ahead and make your first purchase right now.

Personalized Mugs with Your Own Photo at

Personalized Mugs are one of the best gifts for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. If you look forward to ordering customised mugs online, then is a reliable platform. You can create quality custom photo mugs at Zapvi with just a few clicks. Zapvi offers customised mugs at affordable rates, and you get home delivery of your final photo mug. The site offers several designs and templates for personalized mugs that you would be spoilt for choices. They use the latest photo mug printing technology to offer you the best quality. Therefore, why wait to order your photo mug? Head to Zapvi, browse through the several custom photo mugs available and place your order today.

How to Print Photo on Mug or Cup?

Making a photo mug is an interesting process. Let us walk you through the process of mug printing in the points below: Step 1: Choose a Mug:- To create a photo mug begins with choosing a mug that you would like to customize. There are ample mug choices available for use. You can select the mug that suits your taste. Photo mugs are generally smooth cups with a basic design. A smooth mug with a regular shape is best for creating personalized mugs. Step 2: Choose a Photo:- For custom photo mugs, the next step involves finalizing a photo. You can pick any photo of your preference. For custom photo mugs, a digital picture is preferred for easy printing. Step 3: Choose the Mug Printing Design to be Printed on your Photo Mug:- Determine the design that you would prefer to be printed on your customised mug. Step 4: Check the Photo Size:- The next step for creating personalized mugs includes checking the size of the photo. The chosen image must fit on the selected mug. If the photo is too tiny or too huge to fit the size of the photo mug, you will require to alter the size of the image. Step 5: Use Transfer Paper to Print the Photo:- Arrange your printer with transfer paper and transfer the image onto it. This will let you create custom photo mugs. Step 6: Use Acrylic Coating to Spray on the Paper:- Once the image is printed on the transfer paper, we need to apply a clean coating of acrylic spray. The spray will allow the photo to stay on the mug for long. Step 7: Soak the Image in Water:- Once the acrylic spray dry, trip it out and soak it in water. Let the image soak water for about a minute. Step 8: Apply the Image on the Mug:- Once soaked in water, you need to apply the photo on the mug. Stick the image on the mug and adjust the position. Once done, give it time to dry.

Shop Different Designs of Printed Mugs or Cups Online at Zapvi

Mug printing is a trend of the modern world. What keeps adding on is several mug printing designs. There are excellent mug printing designs and templates available at Zapvi to choose from. You can select the mug type and finalize a mug printing design to create your customised photo mug. With hundreds of template options, Zapvi offers you ample choices for printed mugs. With Zapvi, you can be sure of premium quality printed mugs as they use top-notch printing machines. They strive to serve quality to your doorstep in the form of premium quality customised photo mugs. So, why wait? Order your photo mug with the best in the market.

Stylish Custom Photo Mug or Cup at Affordable Prices from Zapvi

Willing to order a photo mug for yourself or your loved one? Seeking a reliable site for personalized mugs? Well, we have got you covered as we bring you information about the best in the market. Zapvi offers comfortable services, excellent custom photo mugs, and affordable rates. What else can one ask for? They create printed mugs of high quality and deliver them to your doorstep. Along with quality mugs, the site offers hundreds of templates and designs. You can finalize the design you like and order for your photo mug with just a few clicks. Along with a photo, you can also have your favourite quote printed on the printed mugs. Convenient services at Zapvi allow you to order personalized mugs sitting back at home with just a few clicks. Hence, wait for no further and order custom photo mugs for all occasions at Zapvi.

Why You Choose Zapvi For Personalized Mugs or Cups?

When it comes to creating something personalized like a photo mug, people often struggle to find the best professionals. Personalized mugs are precious as they carry memories in the form of your photos. Zapvi is an ideal platform for mug printing as they deliver premium quality photo mugs. The process of ordering personalized mugs with Zapvi is easy and convenient. They specialize in creating photo mugs of supreme quality at a reasonable rate. When compared with others in the same field, Zapvi stands out to be more reliable and pocket-friendly. Zapvi uses top-notch mug printing technology to create masterpieces. Moreover, there is no bulk number to be ordered, and you can order as low as one photo mug to begin with. All that is required is to upload your preferred image and instructions to create your personalized photo mug. When speaking of price, Zapvi is quite affordable. It charges less and delivers quality. Quite a majority of Zapvi customers come from the youth, who believe in creativity at an affordable cost. With Zapvi, you need not step out of your home to order a photo mug for any occasion. All you need to do is, use your hand-held device and make a few choices and clicks. Once you get done, you need to wait for your order to get delivered or handed over to you.