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Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.
Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.
Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.
Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.
Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.
Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.
Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.
Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.
Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.
Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.
Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.
Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.

Customized Mouse Pad

You use your computer daily for personal and business purposes. However, you can't deny that the accessories next to it are important. The major computer accessory is the Mouse Pad, and to keep up its proper usability, a mouse pad(mouse mat) is a must. Today, an optical mouse has an optical ray for detection of the surface for facilitating movement. Moreover, as you play PC games for long hours, it is better to invest in a gaming mouse pad. A solid-colored mouse pad may be functional and serve your purpose. However, if you are worried about how your mousepad looks, you can Buy a customized mouse pad, on our site You can add funky designs and images to your customized mouse pads for kids. However, for the most part, businesses invest in individual mouse pads and use them as promotional materials.

Mousepads are made of different materials

  • Aluminum- The mouse pad lets you move your mouse easily because it does not have a sticky feeling to it.
  • Neoprene- You can make your mouse easier to use by placing your wrist on the neoprene mouse pad. Accidental spills will not damage them, as they are not waterproof.
  • Leather- The high-end leather mouse pads are best for those having a slightly higher budget.
  • Microfiber- Microfiber mouse pads are easy to clean and are available at an affordable rate.
  • Paper- Paper mouse pads can serve a dual purpose, as you may write notes on them.
  • Polyurethane- Personalized mouse pads made from polyurethane have a cushioned surface for your wrists.

What to check while buying mouse pads

  • Size- Your desk may have a limited surface. It needs to accommodate other items, like speakers, keyboards, and monitors. To fit your mouse pad to the computer desk, you need to check the dimensions.
  • Antibacterial- Some modern mouse pads have antibacterial properties, and to maintain hygiene, you can invest in them.
  • Eco-friendly- The choice of recycled materials makes the pads eco-friendly.

Different ways of customizing your mouse pads

Color all over the pad

Print your chosen design over the surface of the mouse pad. You may use your logo, photography, and any other design to tailor the mouse pad. and We provide the best-printed mouse pad at only 99 rs in all over the country.

A solid background with a colorful design

Choose a solid-colored mouse pad and then customize it with a smaller design in the central part. But, make sure that the color of your design contrasts with the pad’s color.

Half solid and half design

Your printed design can cover 50% of the surface of your pad. It will make the design more noticeable to users.

Display some information on the mouse pads

A mouse pad can become a small billboard for your business. Therefore, you may print your company name, business URL, promotional message, and phone number. 

Different occasions when businesses use mouse pads

  • Grand Openings- You are going to start a business. Thus, to make your grand opening successful, you need to attract visitors. You can choose custom mouse pads as their gifts.
  • Libraries and schools- Nowadays, students like to engage in the Learning world, and thus, they need to use their computers for several hours. So, schools and libraries can offer them customized mouse pads. Moreover, custom met placed in the computer lab of a library and school also provide a professional look.
  • Gifts for employees- As your employees work hard, you like to gift them. Place a bulk order for customized mousepads, in zapvi. Truly, these pads can be the best corporate gifts.
  • Trade shows- Several organizations host trade shows to attract new clients and business partners. As they need to buy trade show giveaways, they can choose custom-printed mouse pads.

Why are custom mouse pads best as corporate gifts?

Easy customization and affordability

It does not need much time to personalize the mouse pads with a fun quote and business tagline. Moreover, with minimal investment, you can purchase a large number of mouse pads. In addition, the soft surface of the mouse pad is easily printable.

Promote brand signaling

You like to spread your brand name to several potential customers. Thus, as one of the effective steps for marketing, you can buy personalized mouse pads printed with your brand name.

A long-lasting gift

You like to advertise your business with mouse pads. In fact, these custom mouse pads can be long-lasting corporate gifts. High-quality pads are made from durable materials. Hence, the recipients can use them for several years.

Better than business cards

Business cards that display your brand name and company details can be boring. Your potential customers may throw them away after a few days. So, the best option for you is to purchase mouse pads and print them with relevant information. Have you now decided on buying mouse pads? From abstract designs to emojis, there are loads of design options for you. Also, you may print a calendar on your pad. For any personal and business purposes, you can buy mouse pads.